Regatta Time In Abaco!

It’s here again, RTIA!!!!! Races started yesterday in green turtle and start again tomorrow for the Treasure Cay to Guana Cay race!!!! Follow us as we race Tanglefoot in the Spinnaker class!!!





Finding sperm whale vertebrae!

On an adventure yesterday in the sea of Abaco with our friends, we found the remains of a sperm (possibly humpback) whale washed ashore. A month ago, Adam saw the whale when it was still afloat in the water with 5 big tiger sharks pulling away at the decomposing blubber. The Tigers were so engorged they were rolling on their bellies, lazily eating and relaxing. Our friend Attila hopped into the blubber, oily sheen water with the last parts of the whale and recovered these bones that we could see through the water from the boat. Rotting blubber is a putrid smell but worth it after you see how big these bones are!!


Women learning to sail sunfish in the Bahamas!

I am so thrilled to be doing another women’s sailing class in the Abacos, held at the Hope Town Sailing Club. I have 2 great students in the beginner class. Today they learned the different points of sail, how to find the wind and practiced rigging and de rigging. Class was cut short due to a looming and approaching storm that has been sitting on the horizon for most of the day. We still had a good hour or so to learn the boat and I am so thankful to have 2 smart and eager to learn students. Thank you Andrea and Josephine!!





Hinckley delivery back to Stuart

Currently underway aboard Emilianna with my two crew, Todd and Roger, both fellow captains from Chapmans School of Seamanship. We’re making 23 knots at 17.5 gallons per hour. We’ll stop in west end to refuel before crossing the Gulf Stream. Life is good. We are listening to Stevie S., a Classic Bahamian artist.




Angel time!

Drinks and dinner aboard Angel with famous author Keith Ross Leckie, fabulous fiancé Adam Lawrence, myself, and intellect Bradford Gunn.

Mother Ocean #spearfishing #onlytakewhatyouneed #hogfish #queentrigger

Adam, Attila and I have been spending a lot of time underwater recently. Last Sunday we were spearing in about 30-35′ and got these fish. I speared the queen triggers and we gave them to a Bahamian friend who made stewed fish, yummy! We ate the hogfish using a piccata recipe. We could’ve had more fish than this, but never take more than you need. The ocean is an amazing provider! #respecttheplanet




A fun addition to the cruising community!

If you’re in Bahamian waters, keep your eyes peeled for S/V False Echoes, a Hunter 36′ sloop. Sailing aboard her is Captain Keith, an ER doctor and First Mate Sarah, an avid surfer and life enthusiast. Keith and Sarah are leaving the Abacos and sailing a loop through the Southern Bahamas with intended stops in Eleuthera, Cat Island, Exuma and Nassau. I am so excited for my friends and their upcoming adventures; it is wonderful to see more young people exploring and cruising!


‘Reef Destroyer’- Find out what is happening in Bimini

Bimini is fighting a losing battle against Resorts World Bimini who is continuing to proceed with it’s goal of building a cruise ship terminal in Bimini. The dock will be built, destroying everything in it’s path, despite the pleas from environmentalist and many locals. Pictured below is the 450′ cutter-suction dredger that can dredge up to depths of 35 meters. #stayinformed #savethereef #buildingdocksintothegulfstreamissuicide


A wind-less day in paradise with friends and dogs!

Yesterday was a sign that summer in the Bahamas is right around the corner! Hot, humid and beautiful, we spent the day cruising in the boat, snorkeling at Sandy Cay national park and enjoying the art show at Pete’s Pub. In this photo with me is Taylor, down visiting with her boyfriend Mitchel. #laaguavida #adoptdogs #turquoiseheaven


Swimming pigs in Abaco!!

Look no further ladies and gentlemen, we now have pigs in Abaco!! Big pigs and piglets! They like food!!! Old pizza, cheese, scraps, you name it! There was also a mother pig who was nursing 5 piglets! They are friendly but always respect wild animals!



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